The basics of bio-resonance is that it can test the differences and changes in the body at a cellular level. Your hair stores this DNA type of information and, unlike blood, will remain stored for up to 3 months after you've cut it.
Modern Allergy Management provides reports with cutting-edge technology, using one of the most advanced Certified Class 11 Medical scanners accredited devices according to ISO EN 13485 available in the world today.
Your hair sample is placed on a scanner and each item is tested line by line against the recorded resonances of 750 items.  Our testing facility assistants set the equipment to record any items showing a difference in frequency of 85% or above.
The History and Process of Testing Hair

Hair testing was discovered over 25 years ago as scientific studies showed hair was like a tape recording being both stable and permanently embedding the data in the hair. Hair testing is now used regularly in the fields of drug testing, forensic science, nutritional and mineral analysis and hormone testing. Scientists see hair analysis as one of the most exciting areas for development due to the ease of providing samples and the history in hair that last much longer than blood and urine. Along with the simplicity, it is non-evasive and accessible to everyone. Quantum computing is a revolutionary concept in digital data processing based on the fundamental principles by which nature operates, i.e. quantum mechanics.

The system of many (quantum) particles, each holding a bit of information, behave as one – a property based on so-called quantum entanglement.

 Modern Allergy Management offers an in-depth look at your health from a cellular level. A simple hair analysis is all it takes to perform your BioScan. After testing is complete, you’ll receive a report providing important information regarding what is going on in your body, including the following areas that are keeping your body from achieving proper balance:

  •  Food and environmental sensitivities
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Resonating toxins
  • High stress or weakness

 The information that Modern Allergy Management provides will serve several important purposes. The more you know about how your body is functioning, what food or environmental items you may be reacting to,  and what nutrients you may be lacking; the better you will be able to apply natural principles.  Our tests can help you determine remedies or lifestyle changes that could be beneficial. Remedies are natural and may include nutritional supplements, elimination diets, and homeopathic remedies.

 Having the detailed information that Modern Allergy Management’s tests provide can help you answer your health questions and offer a road map to make changes. The goal is to bring your body back into balance, remove unwanted physical stress and help you achieve a healthier state of being. Whether you’re trying to find a natural remedy for an ongoing health issue, or you just want more balance in your life Modern Allergy Management’s tests can help you achieve your goals!


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