Hello. I have received my results from my basic food test.  I am completely satisfied with the results and the timely fashion. I will definitely recommend your company.  I just have a couple questions.  I’m 3 for salted butter.  Can I have unsalted butter?  Also my cows milk is a 3, could I drink lactose free milk?   Thank you so much for your time and everything   😀 - Maureen J

    Thank you Ms. Maureen, we are happy you found the testing beneficial. Being able to help people find a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals brings an great sense of accomplishment to our company.  To answer your question- since salted butter came up as a level 3 , you should avoid it for 4-6 weeks (then slowly reintroduce into your diet) . However pay attention to your body when consuming the unsalted butter as well. Just to make sure it isn’t causing any negative reactions.  Lactose- yes avoid lactose for a period of 4-6 weeks as well. Lactose free milk shouldn’t cause a problem.  Please let us know if we can further assist you in any way. - Sarah L


    Diane K

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    Glad I found these folks! I have battled food sensitivities for years. I decided I had to try something to find out some information on what my triggers were. First, I lost the email they sent telling me what to do! I sent an email and they resent the information immediately. Many of the things on my Analysis where a surprise. Some I was very much aware of. But noting the things that I was deficient in was probably the most eye-opening thing for me. I highly recommend these folks. I intend on working on my issues with the new information that they have provided me. Very grateful and appreciative of their efforts. Well worth the money and one of the easiest test you will ever take! 5 Stars!

    Allison T

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    I did hair samples for both my husband and I and the results were amazing. I am now in the process of doing the 132 inflammation testing to see what really disagrees with my hubby. Can't wait to get the results. Modern Allergy Management is an amazing place and I can't thank them enough

    Teresa(5 stars)


    After quickly receiving the intolerance test results, I found them very helpful. Now I understand what has been causing my indigestion issues, and also why I just don't care for certain foods. I am eager to find out why my son has such skin issues, so am submitting a test for him. I would highly recommend Modern Allergy Management, and in fact, I have.
    anonymous user

    Judy D(5 stars)


    I have struggled with inflammation since 2005. I had already determined that it was food and additive related. I was struggling to figure out which foods or additives in particular were causing the problem. This company was such a blessing. With just a few strands of hair, I had the information that I needed to help my body heal. The process was easy. The information in the report was amazing. Some of the foods I thought were healthy were a part of the problem. I could never have figured this out on my own and I am very, very thankful for this company. Worth every penny and then some. I highly recommend these tests if you have health issues.
    Modern Allergy Management LLC Response


    Thank you for your comment. We work very diligently to bring healthy information to those who need it. Your helpful response will be an encouragement to others to improve their health. Thanks again.
    anonymous user

    Michelle W(5 stars)


    I purchased the food intolerances, heavy metals, and supplement testing. I mailed my hair sample out, and received results within 2 weeks. I'm excited mostly about finding out the supplement/vitamin deficiencies! I have made steps to increase intake of where I am deficient and plan to have another test done in 6 months to see if improvements have been made. The food intolerances made total sense for what showed as high intolerances! I had not thought about, so nice to have it pointed out. I will avoid those for at least 6 weeks, then reintroduce and see what types of side effects those cause. I misread the heavy metal intolerance test on the website, it clearly states that it does not show levels in your body (that would take a blood test) just shows what you might be intolerant too. That was my mistake, but I would not order that in the future, as that particular test did not seem beneficial to me. I am impressed with the others I did though! Michelle W
    Modern Allergy Management LLC Response


    Hi ********, thank you for taking the time to write us a great review! We have a loyalty program for all existing customers to be retested at 50% off so definitely contact us for that coupon code when your ready to re-test. We're glad you found our testing beneficial and look forward to assisting you in the future!
    anonymous user

    Steve L

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    I think their hair testing is a scam. They claimed I had serious allergies to good, healthy food I constantly eat and which are not known to cause allergies. Their results are arbitrary and meaningless.
    Modern Allergy Management LLC Response


    Dear Sir, Thank you for your comments, we are always striving to improve our customer care. You are very important to our continued success. We tested you for food intolerances not allergies and even with healthy foods, our bodies can develop an intolerance if over consumed. Our Customer service team is available to go over your test reports Monday-Thurs 7:00 - 4:30 CST. We do offer a blood test for allergies if you are interested. Many people confuse intolerances for allergies. We address this question on our website. We have not received any correspondence from you at this time addressing any concerns you have with our company. We'd be happy to help you with a better understanding. Can you please contact our customer care at 850 741 9242. Best regards, Modern Allergy Management
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    I was a little concerned about this company after reading the BBB complaints. However, I had no problems what so ever. I actually received my test results MUCH quicker than they had said I would. The only thing I would change would be for them to fix the link on their website that is supposed to take you to the list of all the items they test for.
    Daniel V
    (1 star)


    Test did not reflect at all my dogs condition. Allergens we know she is reactive to were not there and some that were mentioned she is not. I called for a refund and they refused.
    Modern Allergy Management LLC Response


    Hi Daniel, our pet test is currently going under a total overhaul and will now accurately reflect your pets condition. This is an oversight on our part and you are eligible for a complete refund. We strive for the highest standards in this field. Please contact our office for your free test.  anonymous user

    Amy L

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    My experience with this company is they have kept their promise. I got my results in before promised date. I have questions and I emailed after 6 and recieved a prompt response the next morning. What ever kinks they may have had seem to be worked out. Thanks, Amy
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    Julie M

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    We recieved our results in 10 business days from mailing and we mailed from California to Florida.
    anonymous user

    Allison T