About Us

Modern Allergy Management

Modern Allergy Management strives to provide our clients with several convenient and cost-effective ways for you to manage your body's intolerances, allergies, weight loss, and heavy metals. We offer multiple blood and hair testing along with dietary supplements. Our pet division offers hair intolerance testing for cats, dogs, and horses as well as supplements All our testing samples are collected right from your own home.  Our customer care team is here 5 days a week to ensure the best quality customer care that you will find anywhere.  We provide you with the highest-quality tests along with a thorough understanding of your reports. Our unique tests require no doctor's visit or prescription, which is a very easy approach in managing your intolerances, IgG allergies, and heavy metals.


We aim to be #1 in providing a simple buying experience, amazing customer care, and easy to comprehend results. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to live a healthier happier lifestyle.