Modern Allergy Management took the guesswork out of which foods and environmental items were negatively affecting my family. When an ENT refused to allergy test my son and instead prescribed TWO prescriptions for “silent reflux”, we did the 750 Gold Standard Test and discovered my son’s specific intolerances and sensitivities to dairy. We did the elimination protocol and his sensitivities were reduced without medications and side effects. My son feels better and, as a mom, I took back control in getting my son back to better health and wellness - naturally!-Candie

When my daughter’s breakouts on her face wouldn’t clear up, even after 9 months of medicated creams and strict regimen from her dermatologist, I thought maybe it was something she was eating. We discovered that she is intolerant to latex AND cotton. We switched her pillowcases to silk and her face started clearing up right away. No more medicated creams and expensive dermotology visits! We also switched her bands for her braces to non-latex bands and her jaw doesn’t swell up anymore! Thanks, M.A.M! -Mrs.Williams

 I have a high intolerance to gluten. When I was having “gluten” reactions to other gluten-free foods, I suspected a couple items but needed to be sure. I was drawn to Modern allergy Management and their 750 Gold Standard hair analysis. I loved that it is non-invasive, comprehensive and affordable. I was able to pinpoint my additional sensitivities and intolerances and am slowing reintroducing items back into my diet after going without for only 4 weeks. It’s made a huge impact on healthy food and environmental choices and becoming more aware of the additives, preservatives and chemicals I put in and on my body. I’m seriously a fan and recommend Modern Allergy Management to anyone who needs answers.  -Allie

 I wanted to let you know how beneficial I believe this experience has been for myself, family & friends. I’ve referred many people to your services. Personally, I’ve physically benefitted by reducing many the items from my report. My husband reported the same positive results to me yesterday. It’s taking quite a bit of effort to interpret & re-think my meal choices. It’s even more challenging to combine all 5 family members lists to design family meals. I have discovered that all my many years of “assuming” the advertised “healthy or superfoods” food & supplements touted by “experts” were not only a waste of money, but harmful in my case. I.e. collagen protein powders, chicken, turmeric, green tea, apple cider vinegar, vegetable fat, eggs, soy, pomegranates, oatmeal, strawberries, potassium, magnesium oxide, & more. The costs of just my first month of reducing the above in my diet was a financial win!    -Christianne

 As a local weight loss center, we see clients every day who have gut problems.  More often than not, following our naturally anti-inflammatory eating program helps them.  However, we began noticing that some of our clients were still experiencing occasional issues such as bloating, gas, stomach cramping, diarrhea, and constipation.  Because it was only occasional, we couldn't really pinpoint the problem.  That's when I met Sarah, the representative from Modern Allergy Management, and things began changing for the better!  I saw the value in helping our clients identify the sources of their discomfort.  As our clients began having the test done and eliminating the foods the report they received suggested, they began noticing the symptoms disappeared.  Even better, their weight loss sped up as a result!

 OPTIHealth Weight loss and Wellness Center is 100% pleased with the food sensitivity test offered through Modern Allergy Management as well as their amazing customer service! - Susan Walcott, Owner